29 October 2008

Jazz begin season

The Jazz start their season tonight vs. Denver at 7:30. They'll be without Deron Williams, who sprained his ankle in a preseason game and will be out for at least these first two games, maybe longer.

Can the Jazz beat the no-defense Nuggets? I like their chances, but depending on how well Brevin Knight and Ronnie Price can run the offense, Utah could drop this one. 

A post of mine over the summer discussed the factors in how good the Jazz will be in 2008-2009... tonight is our first chance to see if Boozer's defense is improved at all, whether Korver's shot has returned, and how effective Andrei will be. 

More than one of my readers has pointed out how ridiculously off I was in my predictions for last night's games... this is why I will never gamble, my friends. I bought the Trailblazer hype and ignored the evidence that Oden is made of glass, while overestimating the effect of Mo Williams and how distracted the Celtics would be. 

So in the interest of showing off my poor predicting ability, I will post my thoughts on one game a night for the entire NBA season. And to add to the fun, I'll track of how well I'm doing over the course of the year. 

For tonight, I predict Utah will lose a close one to the Melo-less Nuggets. The absence of Deron will be too much to overcome, and as he makes this Jazz team go, there will be no joy in Jazz-ville. Allen Iverson, while washing up, is not quite there yet, and if Brewer can't slow him down, he'll go off. An improved J.R. Smith and not-yet tired of the season Kenyon Martin will be enough for the Denver win.

Jazz 98, Denver 105

0-2 this week, 0-2 on the season.


Seth said...

Ouch. Have you ever guessed right?
I mean, on a meaningful game?
Besides BYU?

BYU played last night... And I hope Tavernari does as well as he did in the scrimmage.

Nick said...

haha there was joy in Jazz-ville. Beat the Nuggets. looks like Jazz are gonna probably win their division again. Beating Denver after Portland lost Oden, the most competition they've got is Minnesota.