27 October 2008

BYU beat UNLV... therefore, what?

The Cougars beat UNLV 42-35 Saturday. As it's been almost three days since the game and I haven't blogged about it, obviously it didn't make much of an impression on me.

And why not? I think because after the TCU debacle, BYU's shot at the BCS was gone and I was staring down the barrel of another Vegas Bowl against a bad PAC-10 team in December, at best. 

Today I read a post on cougarboard.com that knocked some sense into me. 
BYU fans have forgotten how to watch a good football game. When BYU scores 40+ points, punts only twice (both times downed inside the 10), doesn't turn the ball over even one time, and wins a close game by picking off a pass in the endzone, that is quality entertainment, and if you didn't enjoy it, you're not a football fan.

This guy's right. I've been getting so caught up in "busting the BCS" and gaining national respect that I've lost sight of what's so great about college football. BYU's offense was clicking, it was a tight, exciting game, and the Cougars won. What more do I want? 

Well, better defense, for one.

But shoot, a win's a win. And if TCU and Utah each lose a conference game, BYU can at least share a piece of the MWC title. 

Then on to 2009. 

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LaPaube said...

That's what I'm telling you, B. In fact, I specifically said in a post a couple of months ago, even though BYU isn't a nationally elite team, "for those who live near enough to catch the games, it's still fun to watch the team and see them beat up on UNLV and whatnot."

That's what college football is about, it's about entertaining. People get caught up in worrying about what bowl they're going to so that they just look at the entire season as a checklist. Just enjoy watching the team beat up on its crummy competition and don't be surprised when it loses to good competition. I mean, BYU has a pretty good coach and pretty good discipline. But again, we see that it just doesn't have the athletes on either side of the ball to get it done against big-time teams. It's no big deal. They're a fun, mid-major team.

Kind of like my Wizards.