28 October 2008

It's NBA time!

Tonight is the start of the 2008-2009 NBA season, and it's Christmas as far as I'm concerned. Cavs/Celtics tip off at six on TNT, then we get Blazers/Lakers immediately following. 

Beautiful. LeBron, KG, Pierce, Oden, Kobe, Bynum... lots of interesting players and matchups to watch. 

In other NBA news, ESPN's Eric Neel wrote a feature story about Carlos Boozer's family and their son's struggle with sickle-cell anemia. It's a good read. Makes me want to be a bit more forgiving of Boozer's appalling lack of defense. 

Predictions for tonight's matchups:

Cavs beat the Celtics by 8. LeBron wants this one, bad, after last season's exit vs. Boston. And with Mo Williams, he might have enough help to pull it off. The Celtics will be a bit complacent after receiving their rings (with the exception of KG, who will play at his highest capability until he dies on the court one day) and the young kids will get one.

The Blazers beat Kobe by 10. Oden and Bynum will neutralize each other, Odom and Gasol will be their usual soft selves, and Aldridge, Fernandez and Sergio will be too much for The Machine, Walton and Fisher. Kobe will get mad at his ineffective teammates, try to take over, alienate everyone, and start scowling late in the third quarter.

I love this game. 


Stu said...

I too love this game. I also happen to love to hate mister KoME Bryant.

LaPaube said...

Wow, picking the Blazers. I might pay for this in a few hours, but I say that pick stems from Irrational Laker Hatred Syndrome, from which a large part of America suffers.

Brandon said...

Fair to say, G. Fair to say.

Nick said...

Nononono you got it wrong.

Celtics over Cavaliers by 2! I'm watching the game as I type this and it is really close.

And then the Blazers-Lakers matchup needs to be switched.

See, the Lakers will win by 10 or 11 over the Blazers cause Bynum will dominate Oden, Gasol will provide some needed scoring and rebounding, Odom will come off the bench and hit some key shots for the Lakers, Kobe will kill Brandon Roy cause he's Kobe, and Derek Fisher, Sun Yue, Jordan Farmar, and Sasha Vujacic will outplay Fernandez and those other dudes at their guard positions.

Nick said...

Actually, results are Celtics win by 5 {3 off} and Lakers beat Blazers by 20 {off by about 10 or 9}

yeah and oden's out too so that stinks for portland fans