19 October 2008

Government intervention

In my discussions with Obama supporters, one common belief they share is that the government can right the wrongs of civilization: poverty, inequality, racism, etc. 

For an example of how government solving problems works in the real world, see New Orleans.

Katrina happened three years ago. The city was ravaged, and many died. But for New Orleans to still be plodding along in its recovery efforts is almost unfathomable. 

Here's a report ABC did about what's working and what isn't down there. This quote pretty much sums it up:

"Brad Pitt has done more for this community than anyone," Rahim said.

Brad Pitt is doing more than the government of the United States?

"I would say 10 times more than the government," Rahim said.

Pitt founded non-profit group called Make it Right, which aims to build new, energy-efficient homes in the Ninth Ward. Some people doubted that Pitt would follow through, but with few delays, homes started going up. The first homes were finished this summer.

If Brad Pitt and Harry Connick, Jr. can work to build dozens of new homes, why does it take government so long to follow through on its plans?

Call me crazy, but if I find myself in trouble, I'll choose the help of private companies and non-profit organizations over assistance from federal government any day.

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