04 October 2008

Sick of politics

This is a short rant. 

There are no squeaky-clean perfect politicians. Every one of them has flipped on some issue or another. Every one of them makes embarrassing gaffes when speaking to the media. Every one of them has some kind of scandal in their past. 

I made it clear a couple months ago that just because I don't like Obama, that doesn't mean McCain is my guy. Liberals do more to annoy me than conservatives do, but both sides have their moments. 

So I'm willing to admit that McCain is very shaky on the economy. I acknowledge that Palin is terrible at public speaking and interviews. And I dislike Obama even more. It's a terrible election as far as I'm concerned. 

Let's just slog our way to Election Day and get on with working on the many issues facing our country. 


LaPaube said...

Couldn't agree more on most of this stuff. I'm finally sick and tired of the presidential election--it took about 18 months to do it, but I'm sick of it. I'll be sick of whoever wins before he ever takes office. But I disagree on one thing: While Palin is terrible at interviews and a little hard to watch at debates, she can deliver a speech with the best of them.

Deidre and I are both very curious to see what she ends up doing after this. Did she already have plans to launch a national political career, and will she use this as a booster? Or was she just kind of pulled into this race, and planning on returning to Alaska after they lose? We are very interested to see.

Brandon said...

A good point... I think "public speaking" was the wrong phrase to use there.

The irony here is that Obama is the Teleprompter King... he can deliver speeches with the best of them, as well, yet struggles at times in debates, interviews, etc.

I can acknowledge it's a weakness for both Palin and Obama, but whenever Democrats decry Palin's shortcoming they never, ever recognize that Obama is almost exactly the same way.

Drives me crazy.