22 October 2008

Glenn to Fox?

So apparently Glenn Beck is moving his TV show from CNN Headline News to the Fox News Channel.

Bad choice, Glenn. I've been searching for Glenn's thoughts on the move, but haven't found anything yet.

Bottom line, Glenn's credibility as a conservative talk-show host goes up dramatically because he's on CNN. People who normally hate conservative talk (Limbaugh, Hannity) are more likely to give him a chance if he's on a network not known for pushing a conservative agenda.

If it turns out Glenn is going to Fox for more money, boooo. He'll soon be lumped together with Hannity, Limbaugh and O'Reilly as just another right-wing kook who hates minorities and is in bed with Bush. Is that worth some extra cash?

I'm not saying these perceptions are true, but that's the perception for a lot of people.


LaPaube said...

I don't know why anybody thinks that being on CNN means you're credible. But, they do have the best-looking lunch-hour news ladies. Anyway, I know Glen(n?)'s one of your boys, B, so I sympathize with you. Because you're right, Fox does manage to be even more partisan than CNN.

Brandon said...

If you're a left-wing Daily Kos reader, you think CNN is credible. I meant those people would give Glenn a first chance while they wouldn't if he was on Fox.

I've decided I give up on finding unbiased news. Fox is right-wing, while CNN and the major networks are left-wing. The New York Times is left-wing, and the Wall Street Journal is mostly right-wing. Once we can accept these facts, we'll be happier, in my opinion.