26 June 2008

2008 NBA Draft

I love the NBA Draft. I love watching perennial lottery teams mess up over and over again, I love watching San Antonio pick guys from Europe you've never heard of and I love that it's over in four hours and not two days or three weeks (I'm looking at you, NFL and MLB).

So here we are, at the conclusion of another successful NBA draft. And by successful I mean none of the draftees attacked or hugged David Stern (and I'm not sure which one would be worse for him).

Again, I believe this draft is exceptionally weak. Rose and Beasley will be good players, solid players, but not franchise guys. I don't see anyone else doing amazingly well either, but there are always two or three later picks that end up being All-Stars, so I'm not saying the class is entirely devoid of overachievers.

Real quick Utah thoughts: I guess I'm okay with the Jazz's picks. Though I must admit I stared at the T.V. and yelled "IT'S OKUR VERSION 2!" when ESPN was talking about Kosta Koufos. Big, European, can't bang down low, not very athletic, likes to play outside. I mean, Okur is great and all (and I doubt Kofas has his range), but we have one of him already.

The other two picks the Jazz will stash in Europe and most likely will never see the United States. And shoot, Koufos might just go to Europe, as well.

I know we need a good center, but let's not draft centers just to draft centers. Here's hoping Fes can be the guy we need next season.

A recent interview by a Jazz guy on Utah sports radio indicated that Fes will be ready to go. So we'll see.


Graham & Heather said...

Would they have picked Koufos to help in some kind of trade?

Filbert Karo said...

Yeah..um... Fesenko? Should have drafted DeAndre Jordan!!!

Josh said...

Hey Brandon, it is Koufous, not Koufas.:)