18 June 2008

Hooray Celtics

Congratulations to Boston, 2008 NBA Champions!

On the other hand, ugh. The rich get richer, as poor Boston fans who only had 16 championship banners hanging in their arena finally get one more. If they weren't playing the Lakers, and if they didn't have Kevin Garnett, I'd have rooted against them in the Finals.

So good job, KG. All those years languishing in Minnesota are finally exorcised. Your 26-point, 14-rebound performance was outstanding in the June 17th massacre that was Game 6 of the Finals.

And boo to Kobe. It's official, The Black Mamba is no #23. After being on fire early, Bryant ended the game with 22 points on 7-22 shooting and four turnovers. For those of you following along at home, that brings his shooting percentage for the Finals to a fabulous 40.4% (53-131).

Wow. Who is this guy, Allen Iverson?

Even with the ridiculous steal of a trade for Gasol, Kobe still isn't good enough to win a title without Shaq. Poor Kobe.

And for all you Laker fans out there pinning your hopes on Bynum coming back next year, I'd be a bit wary. Yes, the kid was impressive early this season, but recording 13 and 10 a game for a few weeks does not automatically mean he's the second coming of Kareem.

Besides, he was supposed to be back from knee surgery a few weeks ago. He's not. Isn't that a bit worrisome?

But by all means, keep being arrogant. It reminds me of Kobe in the first quarter of Game 6. "Not tonight!" he said. "Not tonight!"

A bit early for that kind of cockiness, Mr. The Black Mamba. Hopefully your fans can learn from your mistake.

Coming soon: NBA predictions for next season.


LaPaube said...

Keep being arrogant about Lakers: check.

Congrats, KG!

Jimmy said...

Next year, the Jazz are gonna win. Just because Matt and I won't be around to see it.

Josh said...

the Lakers are bad enough to let Glen Davis go half-court for a dunk, then letting Tony Allen go for an alley oop reverse dunk is worse.

Go Celtics!!!!!

Filbert Karo said...

Ummm, Jimmy, I would point you toward my blog and read the final playoff stats.

The Jazz stink really bad at defense. There is no way the Jazz could win it unless they get Marcus Camby and LeBron into their lineup. It's just not possible, my friend.

Filbert Karo said...

I should do the next season preview things after im done with the offseason ones.

Or I will just do them the same time as NBA.com does, right before the season starts.

Sharon said...
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