30 June 2008

ESPN BYU Football Preview

ESPN.com published an involved preview of BYU's upcoming football season today.

It's pretty good, with a couple omissions and mistakes. That said, the attention is nice.

A year ago, the Cougar offense graduated nearly every significant skill position player, and yet the offense never missed a beat. It's doubtful Mendenhall would push The Quest if he didn't think he had the horses on defense, and his track record grants him the benefit of the doubt.

For Hawaii and Boise State, BCS anticipation built over the course of the season. For the Cougars, it will be there from outset, and the games against Washington and UCLA will go a long way toward determining their postseason fate before the third week in September ends.

A good summary. Can't afford to go 1-2 to start this season, as BYU did the last two years. I don't want to see a top-20 start squandered.

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Josh said...

Isn't Utah ranked in the top 15?