08 June 2008

More BYU football hype (2)

Boy, going 11-2 two years running certainly gets the attention of the media. Rivals.com, a recruiting website, posted thoughts from several sports writers about which non-BCS conference race will be the most intriguing.

BYU got a lot of love.

BYU already is the quasi-media darling when it comes to possible BCS "interlopers." Quarterback Max Hall guides what should be a powerful offense, though the defense has some questions. The Cougars haven't lost a conference game in two seasons and play two Pac-10 teams in September. If they win their games against UCLA and Washington, be prepared for more "BYU in the BCS" talk.

I'm getting excited. Less than 100 days to kickoff.

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Matty Gibb said...

If BYU is serious about national recognition (although there's no way a non-BCS conf. team is ever getting in a championship game), it needs to understand the importance of its non-conference schedule. It's good that they got two respectable teams, but in the future no Eastern Washington or Northern Iowa. Non-conf is the time to make hay, because it's an absolute must to be undefeated in conference. If you're not, then you obviously suck, and if you are, then it's not that impressive. So Cougs, this year get your heads in those early games!