13 June 2008

Game 4

Boy, I picked the right night to get off work early.

I didn't have much to do at the office today, so I got it all done and headed home to catch Lakers/Celtics Game 4. I figured this would be a turning point in the series, but I didn't realize what a classic it would be.

The Lakers were playing perfect ball in the first quarter behind Lamar Odom, while Boston was about as terrible as they could be, missing layups and wide-open shots.

The Celtics were down 24 after one, the largest first-quarter deficit EVER in the NBA Finals. I wasn't ready to call the game, because three quarters is a long time, but it certainly was looking like the series would be 2-2 by tomorrow.

Boston played better in the second quarter while L.A. played worse, but that was to be expected. L.A. still led by 18 at the half after Jordan Farmar banked in a running 3-pointer as time expired.

The Celtics had every reason to come out flat in the third, but whatever Doc Rivers told his guys in the locker room worked. Boston came out and really clamped down on defense. The Lakers scored 15 and 18 points in the third and fourth quarters, which allowed Boston to dig themselves out of the hole they were in juuuuust enough.

KG answered some questions about his clutchness and willingness to bang down low. He settled for long jumpers too often, as usual, but I've started to come to terms with the fact that this is who he is. He's a 7-footer with mad skills and strength who prefers to take jumpers. It stinks, but okay.

Tonight he took it to whoever was guarding him at least six or seven times, with good results. And he didn't disappear down the stretch, like he did in Game 2.

He nailed a short jumper over Gasol with 7:13 left. Then he got fouled and nailed both free throws with 4:45 left. Another jumper with 2:10 left and a rebound in the last minute rounds off a solid late-game performance. Sure, Allen's drive and layup past The Machine was more high-profile, but Garnett's performance in the fourth was as important, in my opinion.

And then there was Kobe. Poor Kobe. When he shoots a lot he gets ripped on for being a ballhog (that would be me), and when he defers to his teammates, who then play terribly, he loses games. In the first half tonight, he let his teammates run wild, setting guys up for open shots and pretty much making the team go. Zero field goals and like seven assists for number 24 in the first two quarters.

Then Boston decided to play defense and suddenly his teammates were horrible. Odom disappeared after dominating in the first quarter. Vujacic was off all night, shooting 1-9. The lead started disappearing with seven minutes left in the third.

So Kobe decides it's KOBE SHOW TIME!

18 minutes later, and the Black Mamba ended up shooting 6-19 on the night. He's now 38 of 88 for the series, a solid 43%.

Can we please stop the Michael comparisons now? Please?

Shoot, you can argue that Ray Allen outplayed him tonight. 19 points, nine rebounds and some clutch shots late.

So here we are, on the brink of the Celtics' 32nd NBA Championship.

At least the series has been interesting.


Filbert Karo said...

That game was crazy! Down by 24! I'll admit it was amazing, but I hated it!

I didn't watch the part when the Celtics caught up because I thought it was over. I kept checking the score for updates and stuff, and I saw 68-48 Lakers, so I turned off the TV, and then at the start of the fourth, the Lakers were only up by two and I'm all like, "What????"

Anonymous said...

dang your blog sucks. an ape could write better than you. even my butt could. i hate the lakers and the celtics. they both are stupid. the spurs should be versing the pistons because the refs favored the lakers because they have kobe.
kobe sucks and tim duncan is much better than him. i think timmy is 81x better than "the mongosse".

Josh said...

Hey anonymous, at least the Lakers or Celtics don't flop, like your beloved Spurs.

And remember how boring it was with the Spurs and Pistons?

And remember all of the Manu flops against the Jazz in game 4?


Josh said...

Wait anonymous, is the ape you?

Brandon said...

Anon: If you read my blog, I picked both the Spurs and Pistons to win their series in the conference finals.

Also, I think when you said "the mongosse," you meant "the Black Mamba," ie. Kobe.

Josh said...

Anonymous, I meant Spurs Cavs.

And I wondered why you called yourself anonymous

Filbert Karo said...

Hahaha the mongosse? Isn't that the guy who was on the commercial with Kobe. Except it was the Mongoose.

Filbert Karo said...

wait- 32nd?