16 June 2008

Lakers limp to their second win

The Lakers beat the Celtics by five points at home. It was a two-point game with under two minutes to go. At home.

I can't imagine Laker fans are comforted. If their boys can barely squeak out two wins at home in the Finals, their odds aren't so great going back to Boston.

And what's up with Kobe? Gasol and Odom bailed him out of another bad shooting night. Forgive me for blaspheming, but recording 38% from the field in a must-win Finals game isn't exactly MVP-esqe. He's now shooting 42% for the series. Who is this guy, LeBron James?

Impressive show by the Spaniard and the headcase, unimpressive show by KG. Pierce did manage to score 38 points, but as my "Kobe Show" theory tells us, basketball is a team sport.

It's not that KG had a bad game, exactly. 54% shooting and 14 rebounds is fantastic most nights. But when you only take 11 shots and go 1-4 from the free-throw line, it doesn't much help your team. Not to mention he disappeared late again. He was a rebound machine over the last ten minutes, but offensively he was just plain awful. KG's performance late:

10:03 Offensive rebound

9:25 Turnover

8:08 Defensive rebound

7:26 Offensive rebound

6:58 Defensive rebound

6:39 Turnover

4:35 13-foot jumper

3:54 Makes 1-2 free throws

3:36 Fouls Gasol

2:31 Misses two free throws

2:03 Misses tip-in

2:03 Offensive rebound

0:30 Misses layup

0:30 Offensive rebound

0:16 Defensive rebound

Final tally: Four offensive boards, three offensive boards, two turnovers, 1-3 from the field, 1-4 from the free-throw line. Yikes.

Will the Lakers make history as the first team to win an NBA Finals after being down 3-1? Probably not. But they took the first step. Let's see how they do back East.

On a final note, I love how Kobe brought his daughters to the microphone with him while answering questions after the game. What a family guy. What a nice guy. All that stuff people say about him being a horrible jerk of a teammate must be false.

Long live Kobe!


Filbert Karo said...

It is true! He isn't a jerk! Everyone just says that because they hate him!

LaPaube said...

Yes, long live Kobe. Do your thing, man. People are always jealous of the best.

Brandon said...

Come on, G. That's a lame rebuttal.

I have no problem with Tiger Woods. I have no problem with Alex Rodriguez. I have no problem with Peyton Manning. I have no problem with LeBron James. I have no problem with Jeff Gordon.

The list goes on.

Matty Gibb said...

In your list, only Tiger is the undisputed best in his sport. LeBron is somewhere in the 2-10 range.

I'm not giving a rebuttal. Just agreeing with the encouragement you gave in your post. Obviously I'm not trying to get you to like him. I'd have a better chance of getting you to like snow in June.

Josh said...

Kobe can be a jerk, when he yelled at Pau for not catching a ball thrown by Kobe, and yes it was a terrible pass.

A couple of years ago, that was really bad.
But overall, he is a good guy

Filbert Karo said...

Yeah but Kobe is better than LeBron. If he was in the same situation as LeBron, {not a great team}, he would average way more everything than LeBron. If LeBron was in the same situation as Kobe, his stats would go down.


Filbert Karo said...

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