18 June 2008

A parting shot at the Lakers

L.A. Times sports columnist T.J. Simers took the Lakers to task today. Boy, is he upset.

One of my favorite parts:

They are an embarrassment. They went into the NBA Finals favored, the Celtics suffering injuries to several of their starters along the way, and still the Lakers could not measure up.

The Lakers had a 24-point lead at home, the best coach and player on their side, and they gagged.

Bam. I've always believed Jackson is overrated... the titles in Chicago are Michael's, not his. And winning in L.A. with two of the top-10 talents ever in the NBA was more a matter of keeping Kobe and Shaq from killing each other than any stretch of coaching genius. And even that didn't last very long.

And these Finals? Jackson either didn't care or he's not the second coming of Red Auerbach. Or he hates Kobe and decided it wasn't worth the effort to deal with him.

Interesting how the past couple weeks have majorly impaced the careers of so many individuals in the NBA. Doc Rivers went from beleaguered soon-to-be-fired coach to "better than Jackson?" Pierce went from second-tier NBA star to potential Hall of Famer. Garnett became Karl Malone with a ring. Kobe was exposed as far from clutch on the biggest stage basketball offers. Same with Jackson.

It's part of why I love this game. Everyone's got a story, and careers can be made or lost in one playoff series.

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Filbert Karo said...

Wow you admitted someone was as good as Karl Malone, no just kidding.

Well it was a surprising run for the Lakers and I'm just glad they got this far.

But you just wait, next year it is the Lakers' year.

Hint: Andrew Bynum