12 November 2008

Basement-dwellers match up

For tonight's prediction, I chose Kings (3-5) at Clippers (1-6). Californian basketball fans go head-to-head (though I'll bet they all just bandwagon for the Lakers lately) in a game between two underachieving teams. 

Sure, the Clippers are always bad, but this roster is better than 1-6. Baron Davis, Ricky Davis, Cutino Mobley, Chris Kaman, Marcus Camby? That's a decent squad. And they were missing Davis and Camby for a couple games early, so that explains at least two of the losses. And their schedule has been tough so far. Utah twice, the Lakers, and the Rockets... all playoff teams in the West. And the Clips did beat Dallas on Sunday, 103-92. 

Then we have Sacramento. The NBA experts were predicting that Kevin Martin was due for a breakout season, but so far, he's disappointed. Believe me, I know... I drafted him on my fantasy team. K-Mart II is averaging 22 ppg on 45% shooting, while hitting only 1.3 3-pointers a game at a 25% clip. Not exactly Kobe or even a healthy T-Mac numbers. 

Brad Miller continues to age ungracefully; last night he had five (FIVE?) shots blocked and scored seven points on 16 shot attempts. Yikes. 

And when you realize that John Salmons and Mikki Moore are starters for this team, you wonder how they've managed to win three games. I take it back, this team is clearly overachieving at this point in the season. Though claiming victory over Minnesota, Memphis and Golden State isn't exactly an indication that the Kings are ready for the playoffs, three wins is three wins. 

I'm taking the Other L.A. Team tonight. Clippers 93, Kings 83.

2-0 on the week, 5-13 on the season

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LaPaube said...

You'll be happy to know that my cube neighbor is a loyal Warriors fan who grew up in San Francisco and went to Berkeley. See, there is some decency left in the world.