19 November 2008

Beck to Harline, 2006

Former BYU corner Quinn Gooch runs a blog named Deep Shades of Blue. Obviously he has some connections to the program, both past and present, and is able to provide fans good insight into BYU football they would otherwise not get.

Today he asked John Beck to post his thoughts about the final, game-winning drive in the 2006 edition of the Holy War. Here's a link to John's take. It's well worth the read. Definitely got me in the mood for the rivalry game on Saturday. 


Anna said...

At the risk of angering you, I have three questions re: global warming.

1. I'm unsure what the air quality in Salt Lake has to do with whether global warming is man-made. Can you explain?

-air quality in salt lake just shows me how much pollution we put in the atmosphere on a regular basis. We go a week or two without rain and the skys are smoggy...evidence to me of how much we are polluting our atmosphere

2. By your use of "scientists," can I assume you believe there is a consensus in the scientific community on this issue?

I do not confess to have read scientific journals on this...but from what I have heard on radio or read it seems that there is somewhat of a consensus that man is impacting the environment and most of the debate seems to be "how much" and "how quickly"

3. Are you completely convinced the earth is warming at all over the last couple decades?
I'm confused by this question....I' not sure what the marginal impact has been of, say, the past 30 years, but I am convinced that industrialization is having an environmental impact and trust that the scientific experts can tell me how much and from what time period it has all accumulated.

In general I'd rather be safe than sorry. If for no other reason than God created this planet for us and we should take care of it.

graham and heather said...

Thanks for posting the link to Gooch's blog, I didn't know about it and think it is awesome. And I LOVED what Beck had to say about that final drive. Really it showed me how amazing those guys are, not just physically but mentally. How many times do you see that side of an athlete? Wow, that is all I have to say.

Josh said...

That was amazing! I shivered reading that!