04 November 2008

Why I did not vote for the McCain/Palin ticket

As is obvious, I am not a fan of Senator McCain. I voted for Bob Barr. McCain is liberal-lite, not that likable, and has run a terrible campaign.

That said, I don't spend nearly as much time outlining why I don't like him when compared to the time I spend dealing with Obama. This is because the things I dislike about McCain are fewer in number and less egregious. Also, many problems I have with McCain are exhibit in Obama, as well.

To illustrate an example, here is a political cartoon:Nail on the head. McCain is trying to claim that Obama's programs are socialist, yet the man is far from a conservative himself. Pot, meet kettle. Private profits, public losses is a policy that I hate and I voted against a Congressman here who voted for the bailout.

And as for Palin, I wanted to like her, I really did. I liked the idea of someone who isn't a Washington lifer coming along to represent the flyover states. I liked her address at the Republican National Convention. But then the Katie Couric interview came along and I started having my doubts.

When I first heard she'd tanked the interview, I wrote it off as being due to Couric's questions being unfair or overly complicated. Then I watched it myself. Good heavens, the woman was a train wreck. The ability to speak your mind clearly and coherently is extremely important if you're running for Vice President, in my opinion. Obama's had his rocky moments when off the teleprompter, but nothing I've seen from him compared to that.

And as the campaign progressed it seemed there was less talk about policy from her, less pushing of conservative ideals and more talking about the other guy. You have to be able to stand on your own platform, not convince people to vote for you because the other guy is worse.

As I've said over and over again, on this blog and elsewhere, this election is terrible for conservatives. Where are the candidates who believe that government ISN'T the answer for everything?

Overall, I'm glad the election is over today. In just a few hours we can move on and start preparing for the 2012 election.

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