07 November 2008

Utes 10-0, now what?

So I haven't bothered to post much about BYU's season these past few weeks. Getting absolutely manhandled by TCU will do that to a guy. Just like that, BYU's hopes for another MWC title and BCS berth all but vanished. 

But Utah's ugly, ugly 13-10 win over the Frogs last night means the Cougars have a chance to get piece of the MWC championship, shared three ways. 

Just beat Utah. 

Can that happen? 

In this rivalry, anything can happen. As I'm fond of pointing out, since 1995, every Holy War has been decided by seven points or less except for 1996 and 2004. That's one heck of a rivalry. Utah isn't head-and-shoulders above BYU, so a win is possible, but it has to be in a shootout.

Utah uses a lot of misdirection and motion in their offense. Our linebackers are not nearly fast or smart enough to deal with that, and the safeties are useless in run support and worse on pass defense. The Utes will get their points. BYU's only hope is to score more, much like the UNLV and CSU games of the past two weeks. 

Can Utah shut down Austin Collie and Dennis Pitta? If they can (like TCU did), it's over. Hall loves those two more than life itself, and if he can't find them, he gets flustered. 

I'd like to believe Anae can form a gameplan to deal with that, and that Hall can follow it if he needs to, but the odds are low. 

Either way, the drama for the Holy War just got ramped up, big time.

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