21 November 2008

Knicks dealing, can the Jazz take advantage?

The Knicks apparently traded Jamal Crawford to Golden State for the discontent Al Harrington earlier today, and now it's rumored they're moving Zach Randolph to the Clippers for Cutino Mobley and Tim Thomas.

Does this mean the Clips are now willing to let go of Kaman? They don't need Camby, Randolph and the Caveman, right? I'm still in favor of a Kaman for Boozer move, or even a Kaman for Okur trade.

Make it happen, Jazz.


LaPaube said...

Kaman for Okur would be a complete steal. That would be awesome.

Nick said...

Kaman for Okur? The Clippers need a SF or SG or something. It would be hard to have Okur, Camby, AND Randolph and try to give them good playing time. Unless they stuck Okur at SF. That would be funny, but it works.

LaPaube said...

It wouldn't be any harder than having Kaman, Camby and Randolph. In fact, it would unclog the middle to bring in Okur, since he likes to play away from the paint.