03 November 2008

NBA game prediction for Monday

Cleveland (1-2) at Dallas (1-1), tonight at 6:30 Mountain. Neither team appears to be great this season, but it's the most intriguing matchup of an otherwise boring day. 

I read about eight NBA blogs a day, and the consensus about the Cavs is that LeBron's jumpshot is worse than last year (if that's possible), and Mo Williams is apparently resurrecting the role of Larry Hughes. 

And in Dallas, Dirk's numbers are as impressive as ever, Jason Kidd is still handing out assists like candy and stinking it up on the defensive side of the floor, and Josh Howard is scoring 21 ppg on 50% shooting, both career highs. 

I'm going to give this one to Dallas. Unless LeBron manages to find some range and Mo gets back on track, Cleveland is in big trouble playing away from home. 

The Painted Area has an interesting take on why LeBron should be playing the high post instead of dribbling the ball 25 feet away from the basket and how he should be utilized specifically. Makes a lot of sense.

Cleveland 89, Dallas 110

0-0 this week, 2-5 on the season


Nick said...

Put the Jazz ahead of the Hawks. There you go :)

Josh said...

by some miracle, maybe Josh Howard stopped smoking weed