17 November 2008

It's time

In exactly five days, BYU will play at Utah for the 84th meeting between the two schools. BYU is 10-1, and with their win over Air Force on Saturday, earned their 10th win for the third straight season in a row. The Cougars can earn a share of the MWC title with a win. Utah is 11-0, and looking to secure their second BCS bowl berth in four years. By beating BYU, they will earn their third outright conference championship in fifty years. 

The Holy War: there's no other rivalry in the country like it, and this year it seems there is more riding on it for both teams than most. 

If BYU wins: they spoil Utah's shot at getting into a BCS bowl, and most likely open the way for the Boise State Broncos to get in, instead. They also get a part of the conference championship for the third straight year. 

If Utah wins: they go undefeated in the regular season, obtaining the goal BYU players set for themselves last summer. BCS money and prestige is theirs. 

Who will win?

No idea. The Cougars could win, the Utes could win. The only surprising thing would be for one team to get blown out. 

With the uncertainty, I'm running a Prediction Contest! To enter:

1. Post your prediction of the final score in the comments section of this post. 

2. As a tiebreaker, also post how many total yards Austin Collie will rack up on Saturday.

Example: BYU 27-Utah 24, Collie yards: 132. 

You have to have posted your prediction by Thursday at midnight. Any late predictions will not be counted. 

The winner will receive a $10 Amazon gift card and bragging rights for all their friends and family. 


LaPaube said...

This is a prediction of how I think it will go, not how I want it to go.

BYU 24
Utah 38
Collie yards--94

BYU sucks on the road, and Utah is actually quite good this year. I'm glad I'm this far removed from it, because if I was back home with yoot fans giving me crap all the time, I would be one unhappy dude.

Seth said...

Please prove me wrong Cougars!!!
Utah 17
BYU 14
Collie 174 yards

Close because the Cougs haven't ran the ball efficiently, even against terrible teams. And Max Hall loves Austin and Dennis way too much. Sakoda will prove the deciding factor here. Collie's big game will be for nothing.

Josh said...

Prediction: Max will stare down Collie and Pitta too much, but we still score, but our D can't stop anybody, so Utah wins by Sakoda's leg,
Utah 31,
BYU: 28
Collie: 185 yards.

Maybe the D is better, and maybe Max will look off other receivers like Beck did. Maybe Utah's offense won't show up until the last two minutes, and by then, we will have some sort of lead. Maybe.

Nick said...

Yep this is mine:

BYU 14
Utah 21

Yeah it sucks that BYU most likely will lose, but life goes on.

graham and heather said...

Wow, no BYU winners yet. Sad, sad to see.

BYU 24
Utah 15
Collie: 165 yards

Bronco did say he wouldn't let his team be emotionally unprepared again like they were for TCU.

Stu said...

Gotta go with 34-31 Utah. Collie who? Johnson throws for 230 yards.

Amy said...

Oooo...look at you holding a contest on your blog like a big wig. I'm impressed - and going for a BYU win, just because I can. BYU-28, Utah-24, Collie goes for 100 yards.

MooKoo Joe said...

So I just wrote a post on my feelings for the Holy War. After doing so, I thought I'd come on over and see what your thoughts were. Not sure I agree on all grounds, but how on earth did I pick the same final score as you? lol I guess I'll have to beat you in the tie-break.

BYU 27
Utah 24
Collie 183

Nick said...

oh yeah and collie goes 112 yards