02 November 2008

One last Obama post

One last shot at Obama and I'm done. If he gets elected, I'll support him as the President, and if he doesn't get elected, he'll fade into irrelevancy. 

From Michael Ramirez, conservative political cartoonist:

As usual, Ramirez hits the nail on the head. Palin gets blasted for wearing $150,000 worth of clothes given to her by the RNC, while Obama's association with Jeremiah Wright, his words about redistribution of wealth, and his voting record go largely unchallenged by the media. 

In a way, I hope Obama wins, so that we can move past the historic nature of having a non-white President and focus on more important qualifications. I believe there are many, many voters who are choosing Senator Obama because they believe America needs a black president. They may not agree with everything he says and does, but their agenda requires them to support a minority running for the highest office in the country, so they'll cast their ballot for the Senator from Illinois.

This is racism, pure and simple. It's exactly the same as people who are voting against Obama because he's not white. 

However, to label all those who do not support Obama as racist is wrong. For me, and for many others, it's ideology, not skin color, that makes Obama an unattractive candidate. I'd vote for Condaleeza Rice if she ran for President. I'd vote for Colin Powell (who endorsed Obama last month). Shoot, I like a lot of what Bill Cosby stands for, and if he ran for a political office, I'd support him, too. 

So let's move past making politics all about race. Let's move past America's history of racism and slavery. The United States is far from unique in this regard; slavery has been more the norm than an oddity in world history. Other countries and peoples have overcome the effects, we can, too. 

If we'll let ourselves. Can we do it?


Avatar said...

I am not going to vote for McCain or Obama. I will vote for a third party candidate in hopes that my vote will help create a viable third party. Both candidates say that they are not going to raises your income taxes.

…………………INCOME TAXES………………

What about the taxes that the big evil corporations pay?
They are just passed to the consumer.


They all grow government at any cost to the taxpayer.


Becca said...

So, know what's funny? Black people can totally say that they're not ready for a black president.
But if you ask a white person the same question and they give the same answer, they're labeled as a racist.
Lame. That's what it is.

Stu said...

I don't exactly see how that's funny, but anyway.

What I find "funny" (if you will) is that you continue to state that you aren't for either candidate but somehow all of your posts find a way to bash Obama. How about something... anything to support your claim that you don't approve of McCain?

As to the comic, how is that any different than what was being said about Palin earlier on (the notion that if you didn't support her you were somehow a sexist). I don't recall ever hearing Obama himself claiming that the American people are racist (just like I don't recall hearing Palin say they are sexist). It's the news and pundits that are so keen on pointing it out.

Also, if I were to believe your other postings, a cartoon such as the one you posted wouldn't see the light of day. It is clearly pro-republican, and since the media is all a bunch of damn liberals which paper would dare publish such a travesty. (hint... I'm being sarcastic).

I'm just sick (literally, like the flu) and tired (again, literal, stupid flu), and it just seems that both sides like to make a big to do about any little bit they can sink their teeth into.

graham and heather said...

Obama win for history's sake? Wow, that doesn't even make sense. That is like saying Harry Ried should be the president so we can get over a Mormon being the president. I don't agree with either of their political platforms and therefore would never 'want' them to win, no matter what the reason.

I personally will be grateful when tomorrow comes and people can talk about something else.

Brandon said...

Yes, Avatar, I voted for Bob Barr. But since you commented merely to promote your own agenda and don't actually read my blog, you don't know that. :)

Becca: Non-whites cannot be racist because of our nation's history. Or something.

And smacked down by Stu! Critical hit!

Yes, it is true that despite my promise to be balanced politically on this blog, I have succumbed to attacking only Obama. My weak defense is that the major news networks fawn over him so much I feel compelled to counteract that.

That said, I will post what I don't like about McCain and Palin in a moment.

Also: political cartoons are not required to be funny. They exist to make political points through cartoons.

The paper that publishes Ramirez is the Investor's Business Daily... a conservative paper if I ever saw one. :)

I never said "the media is all a bunch of damn liberals," as obviously there is Fox News and Hannity and Limbaugh and the WSJ... the concern is that there is an overwhelming majority of liberal thought coming from the media. I noticed you didn't comment on Orson Scott Card's thoughts on the matter.

Stu said...

I've been trying to refrain from posting any comments in politically charged threads... I get enough of that in gtalk :)

I wasn't referring to the comic as being not funny. Sorry if I gave that impression.