02 May 2008

About time

Jazz beat Houston soundly, 113-91. I don't have much to say about this game, other than

1. Deron is the man.

2. Okur is the man on the boards.

3. Boozer is not the man of anything.

4. T-mac is a great player, albeit inconsistent. ESPN showed a graphic of his scoring in the regular season vs. the playoffs over the years. Yes, his scoring rises from 22 to 28 points per game, but his field-goal percentage drops from 44 to 43 percent and 3-point percentage goes from 34 to only 30%.

Essentially, he scores more by shooting more, and less-efficiently.

I wonder why he never wins in the playoffs.

Anyway, I'm so glad this series is done. If I had to watch Luis Scola dominate Utah's frontcourt for another 48 minutes I would have been very unhappy.

What a wild first round. When making my predictions for these first series, I wrote:

... with Kevin Garnett around, there's no way on earth Boston even comes close to dropping this series.

Celtics in 4.


[The Utah/Houston series] is the least interesting of all the West's first-round matchups.

Jazz in six, with a couple blowouts by Utah along the way.

Well, color me way wrong on the first quote. The second quote is technically accurate, but I didn't figure Houston would win one of those blowout games.

Utah/L.A. preview tomorrow.

Hint: I'm not feeling confident about the Jazz's chances.

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Filbert Karo said...

Boston's cocky. Just like the Patriots. Plus, they are from around the same place. {Ha}