12 May 2008

What an odd series

I must admit, Game 4 was the first of the Celtics/Cavs series games I really paid attention to.

Bottom line, LeBron is still horrible from the outside, but not as horrible as he was in Games 1-3. At least the kid hit two clutch 3-pointers tonight.

But the real surprising issue here is that, at least in Cleveland, LeBron's supporting cast is better than KG's. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen were far from stars, while the combined effort of Wally, Big Z, Gibson and Varejao was good for 49 points, over half of the Cavs' final score of 88. LeBron was finding guys like he usually does (13 assists), and they were hitting their shots. Can't ask for more.

The Celtics look pretty bad right now. Then again, Boston doesn't need to win a single road playoff game to take the championship. That's what homecourt does for you.

Paying attention, Jazz?

Anyway, I didn't make a prediction for this series. This is partly because they played Game 1 before I got around to looking at the matchups, and partly because I couldn't quite make up my mind. On the one hand, the Boston Threeparty weren't that impressive against Atlanta.

On the other hand, Cleveland still looked like LeBron and the 10 Stooges against Washington.

Obviously, my second observation has changed, while the first one remains the same.

That said, at this point the series is a best-of-three, and Boston has homecourt. I'm going to call it for the Celtics in seven.

But no one thought the Cavs would get through Detroit last year, either. So I'm fully prepared to be dead wrong. LeBron is LeBron. Even if he's ice cold from the field, he still finds a way to win.

Should be fun to watch either way.


Josh said...

I wore my LeBron jersey yesterday, and I'm wearing it for the rest of the series. Go Cavs! Celtics are overrated, well not really, but,
they play awful on the road

Filbert Karo said...

and so are the cavs....every kid just likes them because they have lebron. thats the only guy they know! so they think the cavs are the best because they think lebron is the best.

but kobe is better than lebron and you guys know it. you just hate him.

Filbert Karo said...

you trash my lakers, i trash your cleveland lebrooms, josh

hahahahahah jk

Matty Gibb said...

Well, it will be fun if somebody can put up 90 points in one of the games. The Boston-Detroit series is likely to be just as unwatchable.

The Village of Randomity said...

Awesome pic of Wally.

JoMarch said...

You should branch out and post more not-sports things. Where's the versatility?!