31 May 2008

Congratulations, NBA, you have your dream matchup

Hooray and huzzah, it's the Lakers and Celtics in the NBA Finals!

Ratings will be up!

Casual fans and even people who never watch the NBA will suddenly passionately care about whether the yellow or green will win!

The state of the NBA is suddenly much improved! The future is bright!

Why does this make any sense?

I understand that Los Angeles and Boston are two of the biggest NBA cities, and that people who live in those cities will watch the games, even if they aren't usually big basketball fans. Ratings go up. Great.

But if you don't live in Boston or Los Angeles, why would you care more about these Finals than if it was, say, Orlando and Denver going at it?

Because the Celtics and Lakers have great histories, right? They've each won more championships than any other teams, by far. See this chart:


But why is this relevant? Why should we care that Bird, McHale, Parish, Russell, and others Celtics won a bunch of rings? Are any of them on this Boston team? Same goes for Los Angeles. Wilt, Magic, Kareem, Worthy and others are gone. At least Kobe's still around, but he's only won three of the Lakers' 13 championships.

Someone help me out.

And while I'm complaining, let's not forget to thank Jerry West and Kevin McHale for their excellent work in bringing another NBA Finals appearance to their former teams. West had the audacity to be at the Staples Center when the Lakers finished off San Antonio, and was even the one who presented the Western Conference Championship trophy to Mitch Kupchak.


So in conclusions, good times. More thoughts on the clinching games later.


Matty Gibb said...

I wondered when you'd come out and acknowledge NBA happenings of the week. Here goes: I told you so. The Lakers proved to be vastly superior to the Spurs, having an easier time with them than they did with the Jazz, and Kobe's play and attitude was the deciding factor: both points as predicted.

Also: a correction to your chart. The Lakers franchise has 14 championships. They won 5 in Minneapolis and 9 in Los Angeles.

Brandon said...

Darn, I just grabbed the chart off Google Images. How weird is that it was apparently created exactly between championships 2 and 3 for Kobe?

I'll be eating my crow in a later post, don't you worry.

Filbert Karo said...

I know that's what I was thinking..they won 14.

Josh said...

Hey Brandon, guess what?
The guy who does the Bizarro comic strip has a blog. On blogger.