14 May 2008

Vader attack

In short, two brothers who love Star Wars established the Church of Jediism in Wales sometime in 2007. At least some of the inspiration for this idea came from the phenomenon of people specifying "Jedi" as their religion during the worldwide 2001 census. In England/Wales alone, over 300,000 people stated their religion was Jedi.

But tragically, when Welsh brothers Barney and Michael Jones founded the Church of Jediism, they underestimated the threat of the dark side of the Force.

Last month, a man claiming to be Darth Vader attacked the founders of Jediism during a training session in their backyard. Using a metal crutch, the Dark Lord of the Sith bruised one of the brothers on the leg and thwacked the other on the head.

Fortuitously, we have a video record of this attack. Hopefully it will help teach Jedi everywhere to be ever-vigilant of attack.

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Anna said...

this is delightfully random.