19 May 2008

Spurs win, the playoffs are over

The Spurs beat the Hornets tonight, winning the series in seven games.


San Antonio did what they do best, slow the game down and make it ugly. And it paid off. Good for them.

Now we're left with the Spurs (who I hate), the Lakers (who I hate), the Pistons (who I only kinda hate) and the Celtics (who I don't hate, but think are weak and can't really cheer for).

Ugh. A Boston/Lakers finals just means Stern got what he wanted. A Spurs/Pistons finals means incredibly boring games with horrible ratings. Spurs/Celtics would be equally slow and boring. Lakers/Pistons? Hmm... mildly interesting. I guess that's what I'm rooting for.

Wow, what a sad state of things.


Graham & Heather said...

As much as I hate the Lakers I hate Robert Horry more. Sad that I know want to see the Lakers take the West.

Josh said...

Brandon, did you ever like the Celtics when you lived in Springfield?