04 May 2008

Jazz lose

Key stats from the game today:

1. Jazz shot 37% from the field as a team. To me, that screams, "We beat ourselves, thank you!" Deron couldn't buy a bucket, Boozer was 6-14 and Okur was 7-19.

2. Kobe shot 23 free throws, making 21 of them. Oh, and 23 free-throw attempts is a Lakers playoff FRANCHISE RECORD. That's seven less than Utah's entire team attempted. Wow.

That's it. The Lakers didn't play spectacular, and the Jazz had a real chance to get a huge win. Instead, they decided to shoot like they were playing blindfolded.

I'm thiiiiis close to starting a "Trade Boozer" movement. He's got two, maybe three games to prove he doesn't suck before I become irrational about this.


Graham & Heather said...

I heard Boozer is currently going through a divorce. I personally I am going to cut the guy some slack.

Filbert Karo said...

Deron is the only one trying. The rest of them just blew it off.