20 May 2008

Atlanta breaks the bank for Matt Ryan

The Falcons signed rookie quarterback Matt Ryan to a six-year, $72 million contract today.


I admit I didn't catch many Boston College games last season, but I did watch the BC/Virginia Tech matchup last October. Yes, this was a win for the Golden Eagles. Yes, Ryan threw two touchdown passes with under two minutes left in the game to lead his team to the victory.

And I came away unimpressed.

For much of the game, the Hokies had Ryan flustered and playing poorly. Boston College scored 0 points in the first three quarters, as Virginia Tech's defense blitzed and harassed Ryan every single down.

And then, with two minutes to go, the Hokies went into a prevent defense.

The stupidity of this decision by Virginia Tech's coaches aside, Ryan suddenly found he had plenty of time to throw, and was able to find his receivers for scores.

Forgive me for not falling in love with the guy.

And I think defenses in the NFL are a bit better than Virginia Tech's defense, which was admittedly outstanding. Ryan's not getting all day to throw no matter whose line he is standing behind.

And in Atlanta? Hmm.

Maybe Ryan blew the Falcons organization away during camps, but in this era of parity, where the salary cap rules the NFL, that's a lot of money to throw at an unproven quarterback.

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Josh said...

Matt Ryan was way too overrated.