09 May 2008

Pregame Jazz/Lakers

I wish Fisher hadn't hit those shots against Golden State last season.

The Jazz still would have won the series, but then I wouldn't have to listen to every national broadcaster lambast Jazz fans for booing Fisher when he returned to Salt Lake as a Laker this season.

Because then all of the facts regarding his time in Utah would be based around his shooting 38% from the field and 30% from the 3-point line. Then "common knowledge" wouldn't be that Fisher was the reason the Jazz were so good last season.

In a related note, Carlos Boozer has a sick child. His family moved to L.A. to get him treatment and Boozer NEVER asked to let out of his contract. Never talked to the media about it. He showed up for work every day.

And yet no one writes sappy pieces like this one about him.

The hero-worship of Fish, the demonizing of Jazz fans, the sanctimonious tone people like Michael Wilbon and John Barry are using about Fisher getting booed... I'm getting very sick of it.


Filbert Karo said...

It was because of Paul Millsap that made the Jazz good. He should start instead of either Boozer or Kirilenko. They both suck and Millsap is really good. Really. I'm serious.

superman jock said...

Boozer is doing better!

Filbert Karo said...

It's because the home thing is going to their heads. The Jazz lose on the road because it went to their heads. They think that since their away record was bad, they have to suck on the road. They are fully capable of winning on the road, they just don't do it.