11 May 2008

Jazz win!

So the Jazz win and there is more evidence to support my Kobe Show theory. On an afternoon where Odom and Gasol were great, The Black Mamba jacked up 33 shots and hit only 13 of them (39%). That outstanding number includes a 1-10 performance from the 3-point line.

Gasol had his best game of the series, going for 23 and 10, while Odom was great, contributing 26 and 13.

But when it was crunch time, Kobe was throwing up airballs and getting blocked by Andrei. Maybe next time he should dump the ball inside, like he did with Shaq back in the day when the Lakers were winning championships.

Deron had his best game of the series, dishing 14 assists to go with his 29 points. Going 3-4 from the 3-point line and getting two steals helped make his performance extremely impressive. Part of this has to be attributed to his posting up Fisher early on and getting the Fish in foul trouble. For whatever reason, Deron doesn't seem to play well against Derek.

Okur did what he's done all series, giving the Jazz 18 and 11.

Boozer still hasn't figured out how to be consistent with his shot. I'm not happy with his 5-15 showing from the field. I can't decide if the length and quickness of Gasol and Odom are bothering him or if it's something else, like a bad back.

So GO JAZZ! It's a new series... best of three, Lakers have homecourt.

How frustrating is it that if the Jazz had just beaten Minnesota in March and Miami in December they would have the number one seed? The regular season does matter, apparently.

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Filbert Karo said...

Well they can't win the easy ones. It seems they win harder games and then the bad teams beat them. But Minnesota was beating Utah and Phoenix and others.