11 May 2008


Adam Hoff, writer for Section F Sports, became a Jazz fan for the day after the horrible officiating in Jazz/Lakers Game 4.

The Utah Jazz pulled out a 123-115 overtime victory over the Lakers today and for that I can only say, thank goodness, because they nearly got screwed worse than any team this postseason.

[F]or most of the game, the refs were fine. Then, they collectively lost their minds with four of the worst calls I've seen this postseason. All of which came in an 8-minute stretch from the close of regulation through overtime. And all four went against the home team.

Good to see an unbiased third party thinks the Jazz get the short end of the stick once in a while. At home. Four times in a row during a crucial stretch in a playoff game.

Anyway, read the post. It's good.


Filbert Karo said...

They are back to betting.

But Ronny Turiaf is a drunk fool who slams people to the ground. Every team needs one of those. Makes the fans mad, gets ejected, and wears a tank top under his jersey.

Josh said...

The refs have been ridiculous lately, because they have been blowing every call. I already think that Donaughy( or however you spell his name) is not the only one who has been betting

Filbert Karo said...

they even said that more people were betting besides him

Josh said...

no duh