17 January 2008

Apple programmers are kinda bad

So Apple has started renting movies off iTunes. You've got 24 hours after making your purchase to watch the movie, then it expires.

Well apparently whoever wrote this piece of programming forgot about the oldest trick in the hacking book... you can set your computer clock ahead a couple years and keep the movies as long as you want.

Excellent work there, guys.

I'm sure they'll close this loophole with the first update, but the fact that it even exists at all is pretty embarrassing.


Jimmy said...

Yawn. It's a simple time signature loophole. Are Microsoft's programmers bad because you can put off windows activation indefinitely by changing the system clock?

Jessie said...

Besides, did you see any of the other announcements? (Yes, I watched Steve's keynote speech in its entirety... I'm a geek through and through now, I guess.) Time capsule looks pretty sweet, and Cory would like me to mention the triangulation stuff they're doing with the iPhone and iPod Touch for navigation systems... amazing. If you want to talk about bad programmers, let's look at Vista.

Brandon said...

Hehe I knew this would raise the ire of Mac fanboys and girls.

I'm no lover of Windows, and I love my iPod, but I get tired of people touting Apple as the fountain of youth and the source of all that is good in the world.

Microsoft sucks, but the Mac ads where they make PC's sound like crap bug me to no end.

Jimmy said...

That's just advertising. Yeah, they're annoying...but mac is superior. It really is. I know all about their problems and the annoying culture, but the hardware and software is superior.

And what do you guys have against Vista? It's better than XP.

Aliese Fry said...

Oh my word! That is really funny. I hadn't heard that, but it sure makes me smile. In all honesty, I don't care who the techno giant is--I'm really grateful there are people smart enough out there to provide me with various amenities. It brings a little warmth to my heart though that they are capable of making mistakes; it reminds me that they're human! I also just have to share that the word verification I have to type in to make this comment is "fonknugle." Totally sounds like something I would have used as a curse word in elementary school.