07 January 2008

Way to represent, Ohio State. Again.

After losing last year's BCS Championship to Florida 41-14, the Ohio State Buckeyes once again embarrassed themselves on national television. Getting crushed by LSU 38-24 can't do much for your fanbase, guys.

I admit after Ohio State went up early with that fantastic touchdown run by Chris Wells I doubted whether my prediction of a Tiger rout would be correct. But once LSU managed to hold the Buckeyes to a field goal on their next drive, I knew Ohio State was in trouble.

LSU scored 31 straight after that, and the game was over. Their offensive line was blowing the Buckeyes' D-line off the block and the LSU corners were blanketing their receivers. Tough to win when that's going on. I'd kill for BYU to have even one of LSU's corners. The Cougars haven't had a true shutdown cornerback since 1996, when they had two. But I digress.

The story here is that Ohio State shouldn't go to the BCS Championship game next year. I don't care how good they are, they are clearly outclasses by superior SEC teams. Unlike most fans of midmajor teams, I believe in the talent disparity between BCS and non-BCS schools is real. BYU would have been destroyed by Ohio State this year. Same goes for Georgia or USC.

So thanks again, BCS, for giving us another horrible "championship" game. Writers and computers should not decide who the two best teams in college football are. Give us a playoff or give us death. More on this in a later post.

Finally, I leave you with a thought from Cougarboard.com.

"Central Africans must think OSU owns the NCAA.

Yet another shipment of championship apparel shall arrive later this week."



Anna said...

Brandon...it sounds like you need to go to an Ohio State game here in Columbus...there is nothing the Buckeyes could do to alienate their fan base (BYU and basically Utah has nothing to rival it...I have never seen such fan loyalty...these fans are crazy!) And we may have lost the national championship...but at least we have gone to the national championship two years in a row. And most likely OSU will be there next year, very few of this years team are graduating. I'm becoming a loyal OSU fan. Though I must admit that I wish football had a playoff, like basketball. it would make a lot more sense.

Brandon said...

I'm sure there are hundreds of thousands of die-hard Buckeye fans. I'm not saying getting crushed twice in a row in BCS championship games will destroy Ohio State's fan base, but you have to admit there are more than a few fans who won't follow the team as closely next year.