01 January 2008

Today's bowl games

Some interesting matchups in college football today, at least from my perspective.

First there's Florida and Michigan in the Citrus Bowl. These are two teams I normally root against. I hate teams that earn respect merely for having great programs in the past, like Michigan. There's no reason they should have been ranked #5 in preseason polls, other than they had been great in the past. Their loss to Appalachian State was sheer awesomeness.

Then there's Florida. I'm definitely not a fan of Urban Meyer. Even though I dislike the Utah Utes, it was low how Meyer constantly said he'd stay at their school for a long time and then bailed the first chance he got.

After weighing my options, I decided I'd root for Michigan. And in what turned out to be a very good game, the Wolverines came out on top. Watch for another top-ten preseason ranking for them in 2008. Florida finished with four losses on the year... I have to wonder if Meyer will start getting heat from the administration. They've got a pretty high standard for their coaches down there.

The other game I've watched some of so far was Texas Tech vs. Virginia. Virginia started out the season by getting punked at Wyoming. They went on to go 9-3 in the regular season, so it seems they didn't suffer too much from such an embarrassment.

After jumping to a 21-7 lead, it looked like the Red Raiders were done. Down 28-14 in the fourth quarter, Texas Tech scored 17 in that quarter to win the game. Lesson learned? Never count Texas Tech out. Their offense is always good and always good for a quick score or two.

Texas Tech quarterback Graham Harrell, the latest in the line of proficient QB's to come from the school, threw for 400 yards and three touchdowns. On the season, Harrell has passed for 5200 yards and 45 touchdowns. And that's pretty average down in Lubbock.

Since USC is creaming Illinois, the next game of interest will be Hawaii and Georgia. I think the Bulldogs will win pretty handily, but Hawaii's offense can't be counted out.

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