16 January 2008

Kids are awesome

The weather here in the Frozen Wasteland has taken a turn for the frozener. Yesterday it was -9 degrees Fahrenheit around 10 a.m., and the high was 12 degrees. Right now it's 9 degrees.

Yesterday I was walking from the Ricks building to the Spori building, which is pretty much the farthest distance you can walk without leaving campus. Everyone was bundled up and grumpily trudging along, hoping their nose hairs wouldn't freeze and cause too much damage.

To make matters worse, the sun was merrily shining in the blue sky, giving the appearance that it was a nice day. I felt betrayed.

Then I noticed I was walking towards two boys, probably seven or eight years old, following who seemed to be their mothers. As I looked closer, I was interested to find that they were having the time of their lives.

The kids were jumping through the piles of snow left as the school plows the sidewalks, whooping and hollering as they conquered each mountain they came across.

They didn't have any more protection against the cold than I did. They had somewhere to be, like I did. But they were having a great time, while I was mentally whining.

Even more interesting, I don't think they chose to have a great time. They simply did.

Kids seem to have a "enjoy life whenever possible" switch in their heads that is rarely in the off position. Somehow, as we get older, we lose that. Maybe it's the stress of added responsibility, as we try to juggle work, school, family and other obligations. Maybe society expects us to be solemn. Maybe we're just too tired or heavy or cynical to find that much fun in life.

Regardless of the why's, I think a big reason we have kids is to help remind us of how great life is. Every time they experience something new, it's like we're experiencing it for the first time with them.

Kids are awesome.


Jimmy said...

this brightened my day. i enjoyed the last few days. sun in the sky and snow on the ground is great, no matter how cold. it's the days like this that i hate. gray gray sky....

Your Mom said...

Kids ARE great! Where did you get that great picture???

Anna said...

nice post and totally true!