19 January 2008

Romney wins Nevada

CNN reports Mitt has won Nevada handily, with 52% of the vote.

So why is the media portraying Mitt as desperate? He's won three states so far and is destroying every Republican in the delegate count. Last I checked, that's how you win the nomination.

Romney most likely won't win South Carolina, but Nevada has 10 more votes (34-24), so it's not as though a 2nd or 3rd place finish there will sink him.

This year's primary is looking more and more like it will be a tight race all the way to the end, unlike past years where one candidate took control early and steamrolled the rest of the field to the nomination.

Should keep people's attention.


Stu said...

I'm not an extremely political guy (honestly, a lot of it makes my stomach turn), but I think it's a matter of what states have been decided already and which ones have yet to be decided. While Nevada is bigger than South Carolina, it doesn't come close to touching a state like Florida or Texas (I'm pretty sure anyway).

I think it's pretty early to start planning on checking the Romney box in November, but it certainly has proven interesting that he is winning any of these states when everything I read a couple weeks ago counted him out completely. I do agree whole-heartedly that it is nice to have a serious competition going on at this level. As opposed to the usual "this is who we are going to send as our representative". It's also very beneficial (imo) that people are starting to talk about this stuff. That's when change happens... when the public cares. People are scared of where we are headed (for a whole array of reasons), and they want to do what they can to fix it... or at least they seem to care. :D

Vote Cthulu 2008!

Brandon said...

Far as I can find (why is this so hard to figure out?):

Florida delegate count: 57

Texas count: 140

So you're right, Stu, at least about Texas. The fight has only just started, but my main point is that Romney isn't out.

Stu said...

If there's anything conclusive that can be drawn is that the republican candidate isn't conclusive at this point :)