18 January 2008


Hooray for me! I finally conquered 20-year old videogame technology! A few weeks ago I posted about my rediscovery of RBI Baseball, a game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. I've been playing that thing on and off ever since, and have been unable to win a single game against the computer.

This morning in my Journalism class I was in position to finally beat the cursed machine. I was up by one run in the bottom of the ninth, and pitching with two on and two out. The batter hit the ball deep into right field, and I ran my little fielder to catch the ball and seal the win! As the ball was coming down I am ashamed to admit I overthought it.

"If I make this catch, I'll finally be able to look my wife in the eye!" I thought.

So what happened?

My guy dropped the ball, both runners scored, and I lost.

After the initial shock, I steeled my resolve. I would beat the computer if I died trying.

Later today, in Persuasion, I found myself in a similar position. Up one run, in the bottom of the ninth, pitching with two outs and one on. The batter nailed a line drive to right field, but my shortstop made the play and threw him out at first. Woohoo!

I took a screenshot to commemorate the event.

Now to beat the computer using a non-Allstar team. :)


The Village of Randomity said...

Yeah!! Go Brandon, way to finally beat the computer!

Steven said...

Hooray for Brandon. Show that AI what you think of it.