18 January 2008

I don't watch American Idol

I have never watched an entire episode of American Idol. I don't think it's great TV, contrary to the opinion of millions of my fellow citizens (and non-citizens).

But my brother Matt sent me this Youtube clip of an audition by some guy wearing a pimp suit and told me I had to post it, so here you go:

After some clicking around Youtube, I found this clip, which is, in my opinion, three million times better than the original:

Like I said, kids are awesome.


Stu said...

Excluding the thick accent, the silly costume, and the song (it was interesting, but not at all what they were looking for)... I think he was better than about half of the people I have watched make the first cut (the ones they don't show auditioning because they 1) didn't suck or 2) they weren't "amazing").

I have to admit that my judgment of American Idol contestants is somewhat flawed as I believe that I have watched about as much as you. No full episodes... barely any partial episodes (and only then because my wife likes it).

The video bordered on unbearable though... Paula and Randy dancing around, singing along, Simon being Simon, and Nutzo doing his thing.

I just don't think he is quite what American Idol is looking for (except for a few laughs).

The Village of Randomity said...

Hehe watching both of these videos just warmed my heart immensely. Those kids are pretty talented, I wonder how many times they watched that video before they got the words down...

JoMarch said...

Hahaha, are you people talking about the Simon-worshipper? (I can't watch the clips; dad has youtube blocked) That guy was my favorite. They need more people like that and less like the glittery pirate woman.
And, to be fair to the judges, it had been a very long day and the Simon-worshipper one was the last audition. I think they just needed something to do. Getting up and dancing around was their boredom outlet.

Amy said...

The kids remind me of us and our home videos. King Cuts!