29 January 2008

LOST is back

After months and months of waiting (and some of us have waited more months than others), LOST makes its return to our TV's.

And I, for one, could not be more excited. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I spent most of last Saturday watching LOST episodes, mostly from season 3. There's so much to keep track of, but it's all so good.

I think the answers have to start coming now.

Anyway, here's a LOST thought in celebration of the upcoming season 4 premiere.

Flashbacks. Every episode has multiple flashbacks, all centered around one character. These flashbacks help to establish backstory for the major characters, but I recently realized they also help us to know who's lying and who's not.

Locke tells everyone he worked for a box company before the crash. There's no way we'd believe him except for the flashbacks.

Ben tells everyone he was born on the island. Thanks to the flashbacks, we know he wasn't (sorry, Amy).

And for some characters, the lack of flashbacks make them very hard to read. For example, Naomi. We don't get any flashbacks from her, so we don't know if anything she says is the truth. And now that she's dead, we most likely never will.

However, what happens in the next few hours of LOST time will verify if she was being truthful or not. What's with her telling the survivors that they found Flight 815 and "there were no survivors"? Does that mean they've accounted for the bodies of every passenger? Everyone, and especially Sayid, seems intent on ignoring that fact, but it's odd.

But I guess that's par for the course for LOST. Who the heck is Jacob? What's with women dying in childbirth? What exactly happened the day the sky turned purple? Where did Richard and the true Others come from? Why is everything on the island in English but the guns are all Russian? (Thanks to Jimmy for that one)

You've got a lot of work to do, Mr. Abrams. Get to it.


Jimmy said...

Upon closer inspection, it seems only the rifles are of a Russian origin. I thought something was up when I saw Tom's Luger and Ben's Beretta during the marathon last weekend.

Oh boy oh boy am I excited for Thursday night.

Jimmy said...

Wait...is the skyline in that poster LA or Sydney? I remember LA being a little denser, and without the opera house I have no point of reference for Sydney. Anyone else recognize that city?

Brandon said...

It's a good question. To be honest, I didn't even notice the city when I first found and posted the picture.

You're right though... the buildings are too far apart to be in NY or LA, it seems... and if you look closely enough, it's almost like they aren't even modern buildings at all.

Jimmy said...

It's not NY. Previous AIM conversations and checking of the penultimate source of truth and light (Wikipedia) have established my belief it's filthy, dirty LA. The ring reflected in the water? Portal, or poor photoshop work. Not sure. I doubt the creators are involved in every single promotional poster. If I worked for an advertising company doing work for ABC, I would slip stupid stuff in to throw people off. Obviously the skyline is intentional, but we may be imagining the ring.