21 January 2008

BYU basketball is not very good

Similar to my earlier post, BYU basketball team not bad, the BYU basketball team kinda stinks.

Much like the Jazz, who are great at home and awful on the road, BYU is 13-5, with all five losses coming on the road.

To be fair, three of their losses were to North Carolina, Michigan State and Wake Forest. It would have been nice to win one of those games, but I guess I can't be too unhappy.

What really upset me was losing to UNLV, 70-41. The Cougars were out of that game within the first five minutes. Plaisted was awful, Tavernari was awful and even Cummard had a below-average game. If BYU plays like that on the road throughout conference play, they won't get an NCAA tourney berth.

But then Saturday came, and BYU beat Utah, 55-52. Much like in the UNLV game, Plaisted was awful (2-11 and 4 rebounds) and Tavernari was awful (0-6 from the field). But this time, Cummard had a great game, and apparently that's all it took to beat the Utes in Salt Lake. Lee had 19 points, nine rebounds and two steals.

This is the first time BYU has won consecutive games in Salt Lake against the Utes since 1984. Combine that with the football victories of 2006 and 2007, and we have some real dominance in the rivalry.

Here's hoping the UNLV game was an aberration, and BYU steps it up against San Diego State on Wednesday.

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Graham & Heather said...

The UNLV game was so painful I stopped watching. And the Utah game wow that was a heart attack waiting to happen. But I ask you, when has Plaisted ever played well in the Huntsman Center? I say never. I was just sure glad Cummard carried the team on his back. Cross your finger for tomorrow, but hopefully they will just get in gear and won't need the luck. Go Cougars!