13 January 2008

Nice one, Daily Herald

Excellent work, the Daily Herald.

For one, you're the Provo/Orem area newspaper. It's not like this is some AP writer who misspelled Trent Plaisted's name in the headline. You guys cover BYU sports every single day.

For two, Plaisted is BYU's star center. He's quite possibly the most recognizable name on the team. This isn't Nick Martineau we're talking about. Dick Vitale spent a large chunk of time praising Trent while broadcasting the BYU/North Carolina game back in November.

For three, this article has been on the Herald's website for several hours now. Mistakes in the print version of your paper can't be corrected; web errors can.

In conclusion, I think I just scratched the Herald off my list of papers I could possibly work for after graduation.

Your loss, guys.

1 comment:

Aliese Fry said...

Do yourself a favor and remove the Daily Spectrum from you list as well (it's the St. George local paper). I have 7th grade students who write better, spell better, and pay much more attention to details than those people.